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Methodological problems in the field of teaching Dutch as a Second Language and Dutch as a foreign language

  • The methodology of teaching Dutch as a second language and as a foreign language
  • The specific method of teaching Dutch to non-native speaking adults
  • A different approach for highly skilled and unskilled adults

Adult education in the culture and history of the Dutch-speaking countries

  • The introduction of non-native speakers in Dutch literature, culture and society
  • Innovative forms of tuition in Dutch language and culture for the target group

Innovative techniques in the field of tuition in Dutch language and culture

  • Innovative application of audiovisual and ICT facilities and online courses
  • Databases, documentation centres and other tools in language education and education in literature,  history and culture using a new independent study platform which, in this project, will be used internationally for the first time.

The main objective of this project is to evaluate and to improve the practice of education and the international cooperation and to intensify the contacts with local initiatives in the field of Dutch for non-native speakers.